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Contact NameAlenka
Phone Number07500775588
Town / (Specific Area)Bond Street

Alenka is a nice girl from Czech Republic. She is very sociable and affectionate, but this does not mean that she is frivolous. Alenka knows what she wants. This girl knows how to set goals and get what you wish. Friends say about her that she has many talents. All her youth she was engaged in equestrian sports. Perhaps that’s why she has such a charming slim figure. The girl has a thin waist and a beautiful even posture. For girl her horses were not just a sport. To her, horses were part of her family. She took care of them, fed them, played with them, spent all her free time in the stables. And of course it paid off. Alenka won most of the competitions she participated in. And now the girl sometimes goes to the racetrack. This helps her to maintain a stunning shape. Alenka is also a frequent guest at the gym. It can be noticed.

Alenka is in love with London. She would like to live here all her life. She likes English. The girl has long started to learn it, and now has achieved great results. She also likes to work on pronunciation, she wants to speak as well as any Englishwoman. Therefore, Alenka is engaged in stage skills and even performs on stage with one Amateur theater troupe. She even learns to sing. But she’s a little shy about doing it in public. Although all her friends say she’s doing it great.

By the way, Alenka has many friends with whom she likes to spend weekends at the cinema or at a party. The girl is often approached by men to get to know her. No wonder, because Alenka loves to look gorgeous. She loves beautiful designer dresses and suits, follows the fashion. If you ask a girl how she imagines the perfect weekend, she would say the following. Fun party in Central London with a beautiful view, walk through the streets at night. And then she would like to spend the evening and meet the morning with a beautiful gallant companion somewhere in a luxurious hotel with a large bed and silk sheets. Romance is very important for Alenka.

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