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Use method of concrete pole climbing:
1. Select climbers of matched size with pole, and check whether the climbers are deformed, welds are open and moving parts are flexible and reliable prior to use.
2. Check whether rubber is broken, fallen off or seriously worn when rubber climbers are used for pole climbing.
3. The climber belt should be complete, solid and free of cracks. No broken or damaged climber belt may be replaced with rope or wire. It is prohibited to use wood pole climbers for climbing over cement pole, but cement pole climbers can be used for climbing over wood pole. (Be sure to properly wear the climbers and reliably fasten to pole when climbing up and down; otherwise, the climbers may be damaged, and risks may be caused.)
4. Two feet should be locked together to keep body balance during operation on pole.

Check pole climber as instructed below prior to climbing
1. Check the line name, pole number and color mark are correct and power supply is cut off prior to climbing under instruction of the supervisor.
2. Check the foundation and stay wires are secure and the pole is free of cracks prior to climbing over pole and tower. It is prohibited to climb before newly-erected pole foundation is completely secured or temporary stay wires are provided. In case of scouring, earth moving or loosening stay wires, the pole should be reinforced by ridging, temporary stay wires be tensioned or pole frame be erected before climbing.
JK—T Pole climber Scope of use
Model Maximum opening distance
(mm) Weight(kg) Outer diameter of applicable taper pin type cement pole(mm) Remark
JK—T—300 300 3.0~3.5 ø190~ø300 L +10mm
JK—T—400 400 3.0~3.5 ø250~ø400 L +10mm
JK—T Pole climber Basic Specifications
Model Rated load(KN) Test load(KN) Overload(KN) Test time(min)
JK—T—300 1.00 1.65 2.25 5
JK­—T—400 1.00 1.65 2.25 5 China Pole Climber

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