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Dibutyltin Dilaurate (DBTL)
CAS No.: 77-58-7
MF: C32H64O4Sn
MW: 631.56
Physical property
Density: 1.066 g/ml at 25℃(lit.)
Refractive index: 1.471 n20/D (lit.)
Viscosity: 35-55 Cps/25℃
Freezing point: Approx 15-20℃
Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow oil liquid
Tin Content:18.50±0.50%
1.Dibutyltin Dilaurate is a multipurpose catalyst, is especially appropriate for Cross-linking reaction of Polyurethane and Condensation reaction of Silanol, .
2.Dibutyltin Dilaurate can accelerate complete reaction of alcohol and isocyanic acid in the process of synthesizing polyurethane.
Additive amount 0.05%-0.10%
1. Dibutyltin Dilaurate is used in two-component polyurethane crosslinking coatings;
2. Dibutyltin Dilaurate can be used in Room Temperature Vulcanization(RTV);
3. Dibutyltin Dilaurate can be used in the polyurethane rigid foams;
4. Dibutyltin Dilaurate can be used as a heat stabilizers for PVC heat shrinkable packaging film, semi-rigid transparent film, transparent tube and transparent door curtain, PVC flexible conduit etc.
Kept in cool dry places, after use, lid airtightly timely, reducing contact with air.
Should avoid touching the skin, mucous membrane, if touched, wash immediately with plenty of water.
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