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Stainless steel is a very commonly used material in metal stamping processing, in order to ensure the processing of qualified stainless steel stamping parts, we must have a comprehensive understanding of the stamping properties of stainless steel materials.
The main stamping properties of stainless steel materials are as follows:
1) The stamping deformation resistance of stainless steel, elastic rebound production often increase the refurbishment, correction procedures and necessary heat treatment.
2) Most stainless steel materials have high strength and toughness, easy to stick the die when stamping.
Therefore, should pay attention to keep the mold convex, die working parts of the surface finish and cutting the sharp edge.
Blanking clearance to take small, bending and drawing of the convex, die clearance and die radius should be appropriate to take large, stamping can be used viscosity larger lubricating oil lubrication.
3) The stainless steel workpiece is seriously hardened by cold work, and it is easy to wrinkle when deep drawing.
Therefore, after each deep drawing, generally have to carry out intermediate annealing.
After drawing, the stress relief annealing shall be carried out immediately to prevent the workpiece from cracking.
The stainless steel workpiece can also be heated to reduce the number of drawing.
4) In soft state, stainless steel has good stamping performance.
The softening heat treatment of stainless steel is :1Cr13, 2Cr13, 3Cr13, 4Cr13 material annealing,1Cr18Ni9 and 1Cr18Ni9Ti material quenching.
Special Features Of Stainless Steel Stamping
Hardware stamping parts, stainless steel due to its unique characteristics, not only beautiful appearance, but also with strong plasticity, high corrosion resistance.
1. High yield point, high hardness and significant hardening effect in cold work.
But prone to cracking phenomenon.
Thermal conductivity is worse than ordinary carbon steel.
2. Resulting in the required deformation force, punching force, deep drawing force.
3. The plastic deformation force is large when the material is stretched, and it is easy to wrinkle and break when the material is stretched too thin.
4. Adhesive mold and appearance are easy to be pulled when stretching.
5. Due to its high hardness and corrosion, it is often used as some structural parts, exterior parts and outdoor parts.
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