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Contact NameElvira
Phone Number07500775588
Town / (Specific Area)Knightsbridge SW1

Goddess Elvira. One look is enough to know that she is perfect. This indescribably beautiful busty escort drives men crazy with her appearance and her skills. And behind her beautiful face and figure hides not a simpleton, but a real princess.

Elvira has been practicing fencing since childhood. In high school, she attended a special sports school, where more attention was paid to sports. Therefore, the girl has a perfect toned figure. After school, the girl went to university to become an engineer, but after 2 years she realized that this was not for her.

Elvira loves to travel. But she doesn’t do it just for the sake of recreation. The girl has already lived half a year in Germany, working as a volunteer. And she went to Egypt to work as an animator. She is attracted to communicating with people, helping those who need it. Elvira challenges herself every time, and every time she wins.

Now the girl is interested in sports. She wants to connect her life with this direction. So when she moved to London, she started her education as a fitness trainer.

Elvira is smart and wise beyond her years. She knows a lot about bodily pleasures. For her, communication with a man is a game. She’s interested in everything. She flirts and charms, loves to go on dates. And there seems to be no more romantic person than Elvira.

The girl likes long intimate conversations in a secluded place. She is amused by walks in picturesque places in the mountains or on the coast. She likes to arrange a romantic picnic for someone she likes. The girl is happy as a child with small gifts and signs of attention. She would have liked to take a naked dip in the lake with her companion to add spice to the date. And at the end of the evening, passionate and at the same time gentle sex. That’s what Elvira likes.

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