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Contact NameSade
Phone Number07500775588
Town / (Specific Area)Bond Street

Sade is a bright Slovak girl. Her appearance attracts and distinguishes her from the crowd. Since childhood, Sade was a quiet good child, not creating problems for parents. But in 17 years, Sade fell in love and started Dating a guy. He instilled in her a love of speed. He had a motorcycle, and the lovers traveled all over Slovakia. Then Sade herself has saved up on an old Honda with a 1l engine, and motorcycles have become her passion. Friends say about her that in the summer season there will not be a day when Sade does not sit behind the wheel of a motorcycle. She accelerates it to 200 km per hour and loves this feeling of danger when adrenaline enters the blood. It’s her dependency.

Girl with friends likes travel on their motorcycles on cities of England and on the coast warm seas. They stay overnight in hotels and hostels, and sometimes met the dawn on the beach. Sade has already been in Italy and Croatia and Spain. Friends love Sade for her spontaneity and kindness to people. You can always rely on her. She loves animals and helps stray dogs and cats.

To look at all 100% Sade is engaged in swimming, she always had a cool figure. But to look amazing, she tries to swim for training 1.5 km. Sade says sport improves her mood. Her figure leads men to delight. She likes to catch the amorous glances of men. Sade dreams of starting a family, loving and being loved. She wants to belong to one man and please him every day. The girl dreams of children and her country house with a fireplace and 2 dogs. She wants to spend the evening in a cozy good home environment.

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