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Contact NameJonathan
Phone Number07442504226
Town / (Specific Area)London
CountryUnited Kingdom
Zip/Postal CodeW1D

Hello, this is for you if you want a nice relaxing massage by a friendly guy and you don’t usually do this type of thing.

About me. I’m a 40 something educated English guy with a career, and work part-time as a masseur. To look at, my build is tall and fairly fit/strong.
My clients are anyone from students to single/married men, all ages, very often straight. For the purposes of my massage, someone’s sexual orientation and private life are their own business, so I don’t ask details.

Having a massage is great. Lots of us don’t experience touch and intimacy enough in our lives or relationships, so I provide a gentle, firm, reassuring, fun and sensual experience. Some clients have stressful lives and just want time to drift off / doze, some are physical men who work their muscles a lot and need them relaxing, some are just everyday guys who want to be touched by a man without it having to mean anything. Still others want to talk, whilst I work on their bodies.

If you live in London, or just outside, and are near public transport, I can get to you. I don’t currently work from premises, but you are welcome to book me for a hotel if you would prefer me not to come to your home.

Privacy is very important to me. I will need two things from you when you book. Your first name and a face photo. I don’t need to know anything else about you, and I never share any information. The photo is for my purposes so I can get a good idea of who I’m coming to meet. Genuine clients are usually fine about a picture.

I do not work as a masseur 24 hours a day and am not the kind of person you call when you’re alone at midnight. My services have to be properly booked.

The cost is £45 for 60 minutes and £60 for 90 minutes. Train fare from Central London on top.

In the first instance, please email me at awenwonder@yahoo.co.uk, with proposed date, time and location, also including your face pic. You may also text me. (I never answer if my phone rings).

I am very experienced at this, so can always spot who is or isn’t the right kind of client. Do not approach me if you have no place, just want sex, or refuse to send a photograph. There are plenty of other options for you. I offer a professional experience and only work with excellent clients.

Oh yes and finally, there is no picture of me. I’m good at what I do, am handsome, clean and charming, so if what I look like affects whether you will book me or not, don’t book!