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Contact NameJessy
Phone Number07500775588
StreetEarls Court
Town / (Specific Area)Earls Court
CountyCity of London
CountryUnited Kingdom
Zip/Postal CodeSW5

“essy is a girl with an insanely beautiful face and long hair, a sexy figure and a thin waist. Jessy has large expressive black eyes, a neat nose and sensual lips. Jessy is a femme fatale. She’s stubborn, sometimes even bitchy. They say she’s a bad girl. Jessy is beautiful, and she often uses it. Guys hang around her, she smiles at everyone and makes eyes. She loves gifts, entertainment, and that attention is paid only to her.

Jessy is jealous. She likes to control everything. And she can easily twist the intrigue with several guys. The girl is smart, and she always gets away with it. And if she is caught in something, she makes innocent eyes, and you forgive her everything. And in bed, Jessy makes love every time like the last time. She brings herself and the guy to complete ecstasy. And she doesn’t care where, she likes risk and something new. Guys love her for this, she always comes up with something interesting.

Jessy in a fit of passion moans, screams , she is very passionate. And after that, she is sometimes confused, because she does not always control herself from bliss. She is emotional and unrestrained. Her friends are guys, and she doesn’t make friends with girls. First, she is very beautiful and guys want to get acquainted with her. And secondly, the girls are just jealous of her, because Jessy knows her worth.

In her spare time, Jessy paints. She doesn’t have a proper education, but she has a great talent. Few people know about this her hobby, some do not even believe it. When Jessy draws, she goes into herself, immersed in her own thoughts. She rethinks her actions, desires, and dreams. And she hangs her works in her small cozy apartment or gives them to friends.

Relatives say about Jessy that she is multi-faceted. On the one hand, she is passionate and quick-tempered. On the other hand, she is romantic and kind.