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Contact NameNarda
Phone Number07500775588
StreetEarls Court
Town / (Specific Area)Earls Court
CountyCity of London
CountryUnited Kingdom
Zip/Postal CodeSW5

Narda is a stunning brunette with a graceful figure. She has her own natural Breasts and delicate skin, regular features and beautiful eyes. This mysterious Teenage escort is beautiful and she creates an extraordinary sexual energy around her.

Narda is engaged in pole dancing. She has been interested in it for more than 4 years. You have to see what she does to the music. Narda is very plastic and flexible. She has a trained body. The girl easily makes different complex elements, which enthralls the viewer. She worked as a stripper in a nightclub, where she honed her skills. She even had fans who came to the club for her and admired her. Narda loves beautiful bodies and has had sexual experiences with both girls and naturally with guys. She likes love, and she enjoys the caress of a nice person. She believes that she needs to try the most while she is young and has no restrictions.

Narda is liberated by dancing. She was used to looks. She loves herself and her body. And guys, of course, adore her. The girl takes care of her figure and appearance very carefully. She goes to the Spa, the beautician, the dietitian, and a lot of other things. Narda is also a real fashionista. She dresses effectively, likes bright clothes. She stands out from the crowd. Friends say about her that she is a little extravagant girl.

Looking at her from the outside, you think how beautiful she is, and how much you would like to get to know her better. Narda’s heart is free, she is ready for love. She wants experiments and passion. She is ready to give herself 100% to the person she loves. When she is in your arms, you will feel that you have never met such a girl in your life.