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Contact NamePaloma
Phone Number07500775588
Town / (Specific Area)Paddington
CountyGreater London
CountryUnited Kingdom
Zip/Postal CodeW2

Paloma is an intelligent beauty from Estonia. She is a skilled master of love. This blonde is a real seductress. She has gorgeous blonde hair, a perfect figure and a Hollywood smile. Many are jealous of her appearance, they believe that the luxurious body, face and hair of a girl from birth. Paloma has certainly always been good-looking. But the perfection she has achieved herself. She works out a lot in the gym. Pilates for her is not an exercise, but a lifestyle. The girl is a frequent client of beauticians and stylists. She likes to look expensive and luxurious. And that’s what she wants. When she just walks down the street, all men’s eyes are turned only on her.

The girl often reads books related to psychology. She also loves thrillers and detective stories. But there is no TV in her house. Paloma wants to be as less dependent on modern gadgets as possible. Although she can not completely abandon social networks in her smartphone.

Girl likes black tea with lemon and scrambled eggs in the morning. And she often reads at breakfast. In the evening, even the most interesting book makes her sleepy. Paloma loves evening walks with friends or car rides with cool music. She tries to avoid the subway during rush hours because she is afraid of the crowd.

The ideal romantic date for Paloma is an evening in a secluded place, lit candles, a delicious dinner and a pleasant conversation with a touch of flirtation. She likes the attention and gifts. And she can give herself what a man will like the most.

Paloma is a very liberated person. From the outside it may seem that she is shy. But in fact she has a very passionate heart, in which there is love and a little lust. Paloma is educated A-level escort who is ready to please a man and get pleasure herself.