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Contact NameSharon
Phone Number07500775588
StreetEarls Court
Town / (Specific Area)Earls Court
CountyCity of London
CountryUnited Kingdom
Zip/Postal CodeSW5

Sharon is a real rock star in every sense of the word. This juicy blonde babe will set the heat on any party. She challenges with just a glance. Her rounded shape and delicate body lines, along with sharp cheekbones and bright eyes, produce the effect of an exploding bomb on men. No one can resist.

Sharon is an avid music fan. She keeps her headphones on 24 hours a day. Friends say that the girl is constantly flying in the clouds. She’s talking to you, but at the same time she’s thinking about something else. Sharon says that it happens. But all this is from her wild imagination, which she can not cope with. The girl has a very developed intuition or, as she calls it, a creative flair. Her fantasies can take her not only to imaginary worlds, but also make her quickly break into an unplanned journey. Where Sharon only not was for her still such a short life!

The girl had long been drawn to England. She had always known that this was where she would live. But she often goes home to Italy. Sharon says that these countries are two completely different worlds. And it is important for her to keep a place in her heart for one and the other.

Sharon admits that she loves sex and spends a lot of time on it. She doesn’t consider it a taboo subject, and she can talk about it freely. Even if she loses her head from love for a man, but he will not be as temperamental in bed as she is, the relationship will not work out.

Sharon believes that there is nothing wrong with making love on a first date. So you can check whether you are suitable for each other or not. Sharon is an open minded A-level escort, which is ready for a lot of fun. For her, the hotter and brighter the better.