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Contact NameVaida
Phone Number07500775588
Town / (Specific Area)Paddington
CountyCity of London
CountryUnited Kingdom
Zip/Postal CodeW2

Vaida knows the inside of the modeling business. And all because from the age of 14 she began to walk the runway and appear in advertising. Her favorite is underwear ads. The girl likes to show off in front of the camera. And it can be understood. After all, the girl has all the qualities to be a model. She inherited a perfect figure, all the girls in the Vaida family are slim and keep their freshness for many years. But girl not hopes only on of nature. She regularly plays sports and leads an active lifestyle. Interestingly, the girl does not eat sweets. She likes a well-done steak better. And she would trade any pie for salmon steak.

Vaida has a great passion – cars. She does not like to be a passenger, so she prefers to move everywhere on her own transport. She likes speed. She turns on her favorite music, opens the windows and gets high from the road.

Vaida is a frequent guest at designer fashion shows and afterparty with celebrities. She loves to be in the party and always fits in perfectly. She is surrounded by male attention and knows how to use it. Vaida moved to London a few years ago for the posh life. The girl knows that she deserves the best. Therefore, it is not wasted on trifles. She was always courted by many men. But she chooses only the most deserving. After all, she knows how to please her chosen one, and to be for him the most beloved and desirable. And in return wants the most smart, secured and reliable satellite. Vaida enjoys her current life and doesn’t want to change anything. After all, her life is passion and love.